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The Society of the Friends of Mount Athos is dedicated to the study and promulgation of knowledge of the history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history, and literature of the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos, and to the promotion of the religious and other charitable work of the Holy Community and the monasteries, both those located on Mount Athos, and those elsewhere which are dependent or connected in some way with Mount Athos.

Welcome to the Friends of Mount Athos Online

Here persons interested in Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain and Garden of the Panagia, may find information about both Mount Athos itself and ways to participate in the activities of the Friends of Mount Athos in their mission of support for the Holy Community of Mount Athos.

WHAT IS HAPPENING.... (upcoming and ongoing events)


Tim Vyner exhibition image
Image: Konstamonitou Gardens, painting by Tim Vyner

FoMA's Annual Summer Conference to feature speakers Alice Mary Talbot, Tim Vyner and Robert Jackson on hermits, artists and pilgrimage.


Sample image from the new map:
Mount Athos Pilgrim Map

The Friends of Mount Athos is very pleased to announce the publication of a new Mount Athos Pilgrim Map. The new map, available in several formats and scales, was developed by FoMA member and cartographer, Peter Howorth, in collaboration with members of FoMA's Footpaths Project. The map, coordinated with the FoMA footpath descriptions and GPX tracks, is being continuously updated with new data from FoMA's Footpaths Team, as some of these tracks have a way of changing from year to year. The result is a map of such accuracy and completeness as has never before existed for Mount Athos.

FoMA members may order the map at a special discount price. For further information, please see our Mount Athos Pilgrim Map page.

2016 Pilgrimage Announcement Image
Pilgrimage to Byzantine and Crusader Cyprus: 22 - 30 October, 2016 (exclusively for FoMA members)

The Society is now organizing its thirteenth excursion, this time to medieval Cyprus (north and south). The event will be for nine days (including travel) from Saturday 22 October till Sunday 30 October 2016.

Image: photograph of the 12th-century Asinou Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and richly painted with wall paintings of the 12th century and later. This church, a UNESCU World Heritage Site, is located in the Troodos mountains of Southern Cyprus where the pilgrimage will take us. Reproduced by courtesy of
Hilandar Bell Tower Belfry
The Hilandar Appeal Phase Four: The Hilandar Bell Tower's Belfry

FoMA is now undertaking to fund emergency repairs to the belfry of the historic Bell Tower at Hilandar, known as the Kamban Pirg, whose ancient roof is in critical danger of collapse.

With a new and explanatory Letter of Appeal, FoMA is calling on all members, and non members as well, to respond to this urgent appeal to help save the Hilandar Bell Tower.

Please read our illustrated report on The Condition of the Hilandar Bell Tower ("Technical Brief"). For information on contributing to this effort, please see our Hilandar Appeal page.

Image: The Belfry of the Kamban Pirg, the ancient bell tower of Hilandar Monastery, whose roof is now in danger of collapse

This year, for the first time, FoMA has produced professional-quality videos of the presentations at the Madingley Conference. We invite you to view them by following the links on our page for the Seventh Madingley Conference.

We urge FoMA members to have a look at our Links page which is being updated constantly. Especially at the latest new links:

  • Newly re-launched: Ascetic Experience, produced by a team of people associated with Vatopaidi Monastery. It is listed under "Weblogs & Blogs".
  • Website for the conference, Russian Athos (Kiev, at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, May 21-23, 2015), created to function as a portal of Russian monasticism on Mount Athos and dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Russian monks on Mount Athos.
  • Website for The Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
A link to our "Links" page is located at the bottom of every website page in the supplementary navigation bar located there.

FoMA Annual Autumn Meeting, St. Bride Foundation, London, 4 November, 2015

Speaker: Veronica della Dora, Professor of Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Prof. della Dora will be speaking on the topic, “A Pilgrim and Enlightener on the Holy Mountain: Vasilij Grigorovich Barskij’s Journeys to Mount Athos 1725-1744” More...

Image: Dochiariou Monastery, drawing by Vasilij Grigorovich Barskij (1701-1747). Produced in 1744, during his second visit to the Holy Mountain. Reproduced from Paul Mylonas, ed., Βασίλι Γκρηγκόροβιτς Μπάρσκι: τα ταξίδια του στο Άγιον Όρος 1725-1726 1744-1745, Agioritiki Estia, 2009.

Hermit Cave Inch Kenneth
FoMA Annual General Meeting, St. Anne's College, Oxford, 13 June, 2015

Please note program change; we invite you to see the explanation regarding events in Kosovo that has been added to the online announcement.

Speakers: Fr. Seraphim Hieromonk and Protos of the Orthodox Monastery of all Celtic Saints, Mull; Athanasios Papathanasiou, lecturer in theology at the Hellenic Open University and editor of the journal, Synaxi; Simon Jennings (speaking on last year's FoMA pilgrimage).

Fr. Seraphim will be speaking on the topic, “The silent uses of Monasticism: Athos, Bucovine and the Hebrides.”
Prof. Papathanasiou will be speaking on the topic, “Monastics as missionaries of a subversive hope.”

Image: Image: Hermit Cave, Inch Kenneth. Photograph from Fr. Seraphim's photo gallery, from his website,

FoMA photograph: Metropolitan Kallistos at 80.
Seventh Madingley Conference
A Symposium in Honour of Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia: ‘Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth’, Madingley Hall, Cambridge, 6–8 February 2015

The presentations at the Madingley Conference may be viewed or downloaded by following the links to individual sessions in our on-line program for the Seventh Madingley Conference. You may also order videos of the complete proceedings on memory sticks.
Photograph of Hilandar in Flames
FoMA invites you to support its ongoing Hilandar Appeal

The Friends of Mount Athos have been raising funds for the relief and rebuilding of Hilandar Monastery following the catastrophic fire of March 4, 2004. Funds raised by the Friends of Mount Athos are contributed directly to the Monastery. Proceeds from the current (fourth) appeal are funding emergency repairs needed to the Monastery's Bell Tower.

Photograph of HRH Prince Charles
Announcement: His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales, becomes the Royal Patron of the Friends of Mount Athos.
Image: Prince Charles meeting Archimandrite Methodios, Abbot of Hilandar, at Highgrove. His Royal Highness is also Patron of FoMA's Hilandar Appeal.

See our Events Page or visit us on Facebook for additional events, details about upcoming events, and information on our annual Autumn Meetings.

Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.