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Appeals of The Friends of Mount Athos

The Friends of Mount Athos, in keeping with its objectives of supporting the well-being of the monasteries of Mount Athos, undertakes from time to time special appeals to provide aid in response to special needs or disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

Hilandar Monastery

FoMA invites you to support its ongoing Hilandar Appeal. Phase Five of the Appeal to be announced soon.
The Friends of Mount Athos are raising funds for the relief and rebuilding of Hilandar Monastery following the catastrophic fire of March 4, 2004. Funds raised by the Friends of Mount Athos in the several phases of this ongoing appeal are contributed directly to the Monastery. In Phase Four of our Hilandar Appeal, 100% of the proceeds were applied to support critical repairs to the Hilandar bell tower.

General and Memorial Donations

FoMA also and always welcomes general donations and memorial donations. Donations which are given for general purposes allow us the flexibility to use those funds to respond to needs on Mount Athos that arise from time to time outside of the needs being addressed by our current appeal. They also support ongoing projects such as FoMA's Footpaths Project.

Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.