ATHOS NEWS / 14/03/2020

Landslide cuts off Karyes – Dafni road

April 13th 2020: After a prolonged period of heavy rain, a landslide has severely damaged the road between the port of Dafni and Karyes.
The main road from Daphni to Karyes has collapsed at many points, three of which are very serious – currently only small vehicles car reach Karyes via minor roads. The authorities are working hard to secure another route via minor roads and tracks, essentially trying to adjusting them so as to be able to cope temporarily with larger vehicles. It is expected that the main road itself will take several months to be repaired.

The Athonite authorities have suggested to the Greek government that a ‘state of emergency’ should be declared for the Athonite peninsula – a decision will be taken on Monday, when the first reports of the engineers will be evaluated. FoMA has conveyed a message of its support to the Epistasia.