The Friends of

The Friends of Mount Athos (FoMA), formed in 1990, is an international organization open to all who share a concern for the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos. Members include men and women — of all faiths and none — who are interested in the past, present, and future of Athonite monasteries and their dependent houses.

FoMA functions as a charitable and educational society but also as a society of friends.  We are dedicated to supporting the well-being of the monasteries of Mount Athos and aiding those undertaking pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain.


FOMA acts as a group of friends and supporters of Mount Athos. In consultation with the monastic authorities, we aim to provide assistance where it is practicable and needed. The Society undertakes a wide range of activities in broad support of this purpose, many of which are described in this site.

In particular, the Society promotes the study and dissemination of knowledge of the history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history and literature of the monasteries of Mount Athos. It also supports the religious and charitable work of the Holy Community both that located on Mount Athos and also on affiliated monasteries elsewhere.

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