EVENTS / 06/10/2021

FoMA autumn meeting

Autumn Meeting

There will be a meeting of the society in London on Thursday 11 November 2021.

The meeting begins at 6.00 pm with a service of

Orthodox Vespers 

in the church of St Dunstan in the West, 184 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HR.

After the service at about 7.00 pm there will be a glass of wine at the St Bride Foundation in Bride Lane, off Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ, followed by a talk by

Dr Bart Janssens on

The Footpath Project on Mount Athos in the Midst of the Pandemic

The Speaker

Bart Janssens studied Classics and Byzantine Studies at the Universities of Antwerp, Leuven and Thessaloniki. He earned a PhD in Classical Languages and Literatures from Leuven University (where he is a member of the department of Greek studies) with a critical edition of two Christological works by St Maximos the Confessor. As a publishing manager with Brepols Publishers (Turnhout, Belgium) he is responsible for the Latin and Greek titles in the Corpus Christianorum series. Bart has been visiting the Holy Mountain since 1997, both privately and as a member of FoMA’s footpath clearing team.

The Topic

The presentation will include visiting the Holy Mountain in the midst of a pandemic (the 2020 trip); how the mountain is emerging from the pandemic (the 2021 trip); the changing faces within the path clearing community and how we grow the group/attract younger members; the different feel of visiting the mountain in September rather than May, and magic moments and stories on the mountain.

Due to the cost of holding this event, there is a charge for attending it.

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