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Renewal Payments by Checques, Money Orders or Cash

Renewals are due on January 1 for the year ahead, but may be made at any time (for example, if a member wishes to renew ahead of time). If membership is initiated between October and December, the first annual subscription also covers the following year.

Members receive annual renewal forms in December which may be sent in to FoMA along with their renewal payments, following instructions on the renewal form.

Payment options by this method include:

personal cheque
banker's cheque
money orders (postal or other)
Western Union (in the Americas)
Sending cash by post is generally not recommended, but in some cases cash may be the most convenient mode of payment.

PayPal payments: add £1.00 (€1.20 / $1.50 ) to the figures below*
Membership Class: British
Euros* American
Life membership: £ 600 €700 $ 850
Reduced-Rate Life membership
(for persons over 65):
£ 300 €350 $425
Individual membership: £ 40 €50 $60
Reduced-Rate Individual Membership (students, religious): £ 20 €25 $30
Reduced-Rate Individual Membership (pensioners): £ 25 €32 $37.50
Institutional membership: £ 75 €90 $110
*Since members living outside of the UK receive the society's mailings by airmail, and to reflect additional costs of administration associated with non-sterling curencies, subscription rates in dollars and euros are somewhat higher, to varing degrees depending upon current exchange rates. Likewise, PayPal payments incur a fee for FoMA, which is covered by the PayPal surcharge of £1.00

Canadian Members Paying in Dollars: Please note that rates are quoted in American dollars. Payments by banker's check or money order should be made out in American dollars if possible. We can accept personal checks written in Canadian dollars, but we ask that you please adjust your payment for the current discount rate if paying by checks in Canadian dollars.

Renewal payments may be combined with other payments (purchases, donations, etc.); simply send your payment in to FoMA together with the current renewal form or a brief note with the pertinent payer and payment information and specification of what the payment is to cover. Addressing information is provided on the renewal form.

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Header Image: View of the Aquaduct and entry at Stavronikita Monastery.
Photograph by Dr. Christos Karydis, © 2011.