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How To Make Your Contributions Worth More:
Information for UK Citizens

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Banker's Orders

Banker's orders can enhance the value of your payments to the Friends of Mount Athos and will save us a tremendous amount of time and effort. We urge members who are UK taxpayers to pay by that means. A Banker's Order (for use in the UK) is included in the printed Membership Application Form.

Gift Aid

Subscribers who are UK taxpayers are encouraged to make use of the Gift Aid scheme. The Gift Aid scheme can be beneficial to members as well as to FoMA as it enhances the value of your subscription. Payments made under the scheme are treated as having been made after deducting basic rate income tax from the payment. We are then able to reclaim the basic rate tax treated as paid from HM Revenue & Customs. Members who are higher-rate taxpayers can also benefit from claiming tax relief on their donation. The example below illustrates the point:-

If a member pays £15 for an annual subscription and declares that the payment is made under the Gift Aid scheme, this payment is treated as having been paid after deducting basic rate tax (presently 20%). In this example the grossed-up payment becomes £18.75 and we are able to reclaim £3.75 from HM Revenue & Customs. There is no cost to members as long as they have paid sufficient UK income or capital gains tax to frank the tax reclaimed by us.

A member who pays tax at the higher rate of 40% will be able to obtain further tax relief, in this illustration, of £3.75 on their self assessment tax return.

The greater the subscription paid, the greater amount of tax we can reclaim. Under the standard life membership tariff of £250 for example, the payment would be grossed up to £312.50 and we would be able to reclaim £62.50 from HMRC.

For a subscription to be eligible under the Gift Aid scheme, the member simply needs to make a gift aid declaration, which may be submitted on paper or online. You may fill out FoMA's printable Gift Aid Declaration form and submit it by mail to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr Simon Jennings, at the following address:

Hon Treasurer Simon Jennings
18 Warwick St.
Oxford, OX4 1SX

Alternatively, as a live signature is not required, you may submit FoMA's online Gift Aid form, which is automatically sent by email to the treasurer. It should be noted that only those individuals who are UK taxpayers and have paid income or capital gains tax in the tax reclaimable by the charity may make a Gift Aid declaration.

You may download/view the printable Gift Aid Form | request printed form to be mailed to you | submit the form online.

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