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Related Organizations and Links to Internet Resources

The growing presence of the Holy Mountain on the internet manifested in increasing numbers of related organizations and web sites was the occasion for instituting this page. Here we provide links to associations whose objectives relate to or parallel those of FoMA, and to internet resources specifically pertaining to the Holy Mountain and its monasteries, which FoMA members and others consulting this site might find useful. Some of these links occur elsewhere in the FoMA website as well. FoMA provides this information as a public service; it takes no responsibility for the content of any websites or other resources here listed; please see disclaimers.

Information provided on this site is constantly updated based on input from FoMA members. Readers of this page are encouraged to propose links and likewise to let us know if any of these links become obsolete.

For websites and other internet resources maintained by the Athonite monasteries themselves,
please see links in FoMA's Athos Information page.

Organizations, Events & Conferences

Association of Friends of Vatopedi Monastery
The Associazione is dedicated to the support of Vatopedi Monastery and promoting understanding and appreciation of the history of the Monastery's work and contributions. To this end it commisioned the Institute "St. Maximus the Graikos" to create a new internet magazine, Pemptousia ("Quintessence"), which carries the subtitle is "Quintessence: exploring culture science and Religion."

Friends of Esphigmenou Monastery
This purpose of this website, as stated by the friends of the monastery who created it, is "to provide general information for people about the monastery, and more importantly, to bring attention to the struggle faced by the fathers at Esphigmenou." Its focus, as explained in the website, is the conflict between the monks, who define themselves as zealots, and the Ecumenical Patriarchs beginning with Athenagoras, who "lifted the anathemas from the Roman Catholic Church, and pursued policies of adogmatic ecumenical activity (the unification of all churches and religions)."

The Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Hilandar Monastery and the Holy Mountain
"Web site created in collaboration with the Foundation of the Holy Monastery Hilandara"

Associazione Culturale Insieme per l'Athos
The Associazione Culturale Insieme per l'Athos ("Together for Athos") is a non-profit charitable and educational association founded in Rome dedicated, among other things, to activities and events promoting knowledge about and understanding of Mount Athos and supporting those undertaking pilgrimages the Holy Mountain. The Associazione has published a downloadable Italian translation (PDF) of FoMA's A Pilgrim's Guide to Mount Athos.

The Holy Mount Athos International Conference: The Unique Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Modern World
The objective of this website is "to be an informative, regularly-updated resource devoted to Mount Athos and its role in the modern world. The site will promote more intensive contact between the christians living in the secular world and the monks of the Holy Mount." In addition, "The website stands out for its emphasis on scholarly discourse, presentation of the works of international researchers studying Mount Athos from the theological, historical and socio-political points of view, and inclusion of rare documents -- for example, from the archives of Mount Athos. We shall also monitor news coming from the Athos Conference and report on key events in the life of Mount Athos." The organization's full statement of its purpose is posted on the Holy Mount Athos' "About" page

Orthodox Fellowship of St. John the Baptist (OFSJB)
OFSJB runs programs in England and Ireland to facilitate increased understanding of Orthodox Christianity. OFSJB and FoMA cross list their events. OFSJB events are listed on FoMA's events page.


Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints, Isle of Mull, Scotland
This web site was created by the priest and founder of the Monastery, Fr. Seraphim. The Monastery is located at the Kilninian Church, whose monastic history goes back at least as far as 1561. The website is still being developed, but includes an active blog, photo gallery and information about the history of the site. The outline of the planning for the monastery and the website are evident in struture of the website.


Russian Athos
This web site is billed as the Orthodox spiritual and educational portal of Russian monasticism on Mount Athos and dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Russian monks on Mount Athos. It was produced in conjunction with the international conference, "Athos and the Slavic World," held in Kiev at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, May 21-23, 2015. The website features automated translations using a pop-up button at the top of the page. Choosing the "always translate" option will open all subsequent pages in the selected language.

Supporters of Athonite and Monastic Medicine (SAMM)
SAMM is a charitable organization dedicated to helping physicians at Athonite monasteries and their dependancies to gain access to up-to-date data bases to improve the care of their patients. It's mission is supported by FoMA.

Weblogs & Blogs

The links below are listed with the most recent additions at the top.

Ascetic Experience,
This website, produced by a team of contributors with close ties to Vatopaidi Monastery and updated daily, invites us to explore a spiritual immersive experience from Holy Mount Athos. It is dedicated to sharing and seeking answers to everyday spiritual needs, through an encounter combining
  • unique photographs from the Holy Mountain
  • spiritual counsels and advice of the Holy Fathers and Mothers
  • wisdom from ancient and contemporary sages
  • Readers are encouraged to pose questions via either email or the Ascetic Experience forum.

    Markos Kampanis,
    The website of a contemporary artist with special interest in Mount Athos. Markos Kampanis, a member of the Friends of Mount Athos, describes himself as primarily a painter. But this website also showcases his special interest in print making and the history of production of "paper icons" produced for pilgrims in the 17th - 19th centuries. Here you can learn how Kampanis organized a small print making studio at the Kelion of St. George Kalathas, modeling it on the old workshops known as "stampadourika. One of his works, a fresco of the Nativity on a rock in the Tarfa Oasis, Mt. Sinai, is featured in the 2014 Christmas Cards produced by FoMA. On his pages you can see images of him at work, for example, painting the St. Tryphon fresco at Simonopetra Monastery.

    Αγιορειτική Μνήμη / Athos Memory,
    This blog is chiefly run by Fr. Ioustinos of Simonopetra, who is perhaps best known as the founder and organizer of the Mt. Athos Art Archives, operated under the auspices of the SimonoPatra Monastery. This blog is far from being complete, but very promising. It highlights mainly visual information (books, videos, photography, Athonite maps, icons. etc., organized topically. The home page provides, in the right panel, a "histology" (i.e., the anatomy of the site) in Greek and English -- a list of topics comprising the various sections of this site. The range of topics is broad, including: Athos Library (Books on Mount Athos), Athonite film archive, Athonite art archive (designed to include books on Athos-related art including modern art),The Saints of Mount Athos (actually, a series of icons from various Athonite monasteries of the Assembly (Synaxis) of the Athonite Saints), and numerous other topics. While the original language of the individual sections is Greek, all are multilingual with translations provided by the Google Translate language selector.

    Αγιορείτικες Μνήμες / Agiorite Memories,
    The home page of this Greek weblog provides a rich chronicle of ongoing events on the Holy Mountain. It is updated almost daily. In addition, the other main division of the weblog ("το Άγιον Όρος" - The Holy Mountain) offers historical and bureaucratic information about Mt. Athos, and introductions to the the history of Agiorite monasticism and historical introductions to the various monasteries and Sketes of the Holy Mountain.

    Athos Agion Oros,
    The weblog of Wim Voogd (Formerly with descriptions of his trekking on the Holy Mountain, publication of images of Athonite antiquities, and its creator's exquisite photographs of Mount Athos.

    Mystagogy. The Weblog of John Sanidopoulos,
    John Sanidopoulos produces frequent, interesting and well written feature articles on various aspects of cultural history and life related to Mount Athos. More about the author here.

    Pilgrim Journals (Contemporary προσκυνητάρια)

    From the earliest history of Mount Athos as a pilgrimage destination, pilgrims recorded their pilgrimages in journals called in Greek προσκυνητάρια (proskynetaria). They became over time a valuable resource for the history of Athonite history. Today a continuation of this age-old genre has emerged in the form of pilgrim weblogs. This section of the FoMA website is devoted to this genre of pilgrim accounts, in the expectation that the experiences of the pilgrims who produce them will help those planning their own pilgrimages, and extend the experience of pilgrimage to persons who cannot make the journey themselves. We post links to pilgrim weblogs here as they come to our attention, with no attempt to be comprehensive or systematic about it. We invite pilgrims who produce such weblogs to share them with us for listing on this page.

    James S. Cutsinger 2010 Pilgrimage.
    FoMA member James S. Cutsinger's pilgrimage journal is published together with other materials in his in his weblog entitled Agion Oros — Mount Athos and "dedicated to the Holy Mountain Mount Athos." Among the related materials are illustrated historical articles (Holy Cell of St. John the Forerunner of Koutloumousiou Monastery built by Hieromonk Dionysios of Fourna; Holy Relics Kept at Athonite Monasteries), and more.

    Bastiaan Kamps Pilgrimages Beginning 2009.
    Bastiaan Kamps of the Netherlands has travelled to the Holy Mountain on a number of occasions, publishing accounts of his pilgrimages as a guest writer in an extensive and continuing weblog entitled Athos Agion Oros. The blog contains numerous entries on topics related to Athonite history and culture and the various monasteries and sketes. His contribution to the weblog is richly illustrated with his photographs. This link takes you to a December 31, 2014 walk in the snow to Dionysiou, but from here you can view all parts of the weblog including his trips dating back as early as 2009.

    Andrej Kutarna, Photographer, 2014 Pilgrimage.
    Photographer Andrej Kutarna. a member of FoMA from the Czech Republic, specializes in the exploration of light. One of the themes in his websight is entitled "light and Silence." He brought this interest with him, along with his camera, in his November 2014 pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain


    The links below are listed with the most recent additions at the top.

    Mount Athos 360° An impressive photographic tour of the Athonite Monasteries, superbly produced.

    Newsletters of the Saint Catharine Foundation. From here you may also click on a link to Fr. Justin's Blog. It is somewhat concerning that there has been no new entry in the blog since February, 2015.

    Humus & Humility
    "Ecological choices are, at their root, not economic or political, but rather cultural and spiritual."
    FoMA member Bryan Cash has produced this stunning on-line photographic exhibition to illustrate the inspiring connection between spirituality and the environment as seen on the Holy Mountain.

    Reinhold Zwerger,
    Reinhold Zwerger (1924 - 2009) is probably best known to members of the Friends of Mount Athos as the cartographer who produced the Map of Mt. Athos widely acclaimed as the most accurate map of the Holy Mountain ever produced. For generations of pilgrims, it was the sine qua non for anyone planning serious hiking on the ancient pathways of Mt. Athos. On this web site dedicated to his life and work you can meet the man himself, learn about his work as an artist and as an award-winning graphic and industrial designer, and enjoy the Gallery of photographs. The pages of this informative website may be read in both German and English.
    Collectors of interested in cartographic history and vintage Athos memorabilia may order copies of his map of Mt. Athos via the order page of the Reinhold Zwerger web site.

    Demographic Mapping for Mt. Athos,
    This Danish online resource for mapping demographic information, City Population, maps and publishes statistics for Mount Athos on population, density of settlement, and documentation of changing demographics. Data derived from recent censuses are provided by the General Secretariat of National Statistical Service of Greece.

    An Introduction to Mount Athos,
    A "presentation of Mt Athos from such aspects as geography, history, administration, monastic life and art."

    Mount Athos the Garden of Virgin Mary the Mother of God,
    A promotional website provided by which offers illustrated articles on churches, treasures, Ouranoupolis, and a printable "Newsletter" that is a vade mecum for pilgrims and tourists. It also promotes the Monoxilitis shop located in the Xenios Zeus hotel in Ouranoupolis.

    Mount Athos: The Holy Mountain,
    Macedonian Heritage website for Mount Athos, with sections on History, Art, Architecture, Environment, Legal Framework, and information for planning your visit including a "Virtual Tour" and a Trekking Guide.

    Pemptousia ("Quintessence"),
    Internet magazine published by Association of Friends of Vatopedi Monastery subtitled "Quintessence: exploring culture science and Religion."

    Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
    Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.