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Past Events and Newsletters


This page provides access to an archive of FoMA newsletters (including the current one) and the various announcements that document both past and current activities of the Friends of Mount Athos.

Please see also the separate listings of FoMA's Madingley Conferences and member-only pilgrimage excursions and events in support of FoMA's appeals

Current and upcoming events are listed on our Events page.

Newsletter No. 1, August, 1994
Newsletter No. 2, October 1995
Newsletter No. 3, October 1996
Newsletter No. 4, October 1997
Newsletter No. 5, July 1997
Newsletter No. 6, April 1998
Newsletter No. 7, March 1999
Newsletter No. 8, May 2000
Newsletter No. 9, March 2001
Newsletter No. 10, December 2001
Newsletter No. 11, August 2002
Newsletter No. 12, March 2003
Newsletter No. 13, March 2004
Newsletter No. 14, April 2005
Newsletter No. 15, March 2006
Newsletter No. 16, April 2007
Newsletter No. 17, April 2008
Newsletter No. 18, September 2008
Newsletter No. 19, March 2009
Newsletter No. 20, March 2010
Newsletter No. 21, April 2011
Newsletter No. 22, April 2012
Newsletter No. 23, March 2013
Newsletter No. 24, March 2013
Newsletter No. 25, March 2013
Newsletter No. 26, March 2013
Newsletter No. 27, March 2013

Announcements of FoMA Events
and Events of Related Interest:
1998 Annual General Meeting

The Treasures of Mount Athos Exhibition
Xenophontos Millennial Celebration

Publication of "Ottoman Athos"

What concerned FOMA members can do in Kosovo"

Repose of Archimandrite Efthymios of Exphigmenou

Travel Fees to Mount Athos

2003 Autumn Meeting

2004 Annual General Meeting

2004 Autumn Meeting

2005 Annual General Meeting

2006 Annual General Meeting

2007 Autumn Meeting

2008 Annual General Meeting

Special General Meeting to Endorse the New Constitution

2008 Autumn Meeting

2009 Annual General Meeting

2009 Autumn Meeting

2010 Annual General Meeting

2010 Autumn Meeting

2010, 12 October. Doug Patterson Lecture and Reception at At Sir John Soaneā€™s Museum

2010, 21 October. Related Event: Amsterdam Centre for Eastern Orthodox Theology (ACEOT), Symposium: Peace in Orthodox Theology.
Speakers include Prof. Wim Janse, His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia, and Revd. Prof. Andrew Louth)

2010, 4 November. Related Event: Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, Lecture by His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia, president of the Friends of Mount Athos

2011 Annual General Meeting

2011 Loch Lecture

2011 Autumn Meeting

2010 Nov. 4, Related Event: The Pyrgos Rugs. Lecture by Denise Harvey and Jennifer Speake

2012 Annual General Meeting

2012 Autumn Meeting

2013 Annual General Meeting

2013 Autumn Meeting