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Pilgrimage to Byzantine and Crusader Cyprus: 22 - 30 October, 2016

21 to 29 October 2017

Following the highly successful pilgrimages to France (2002), Greece (2004), Romania (2005), Finland (2006), Turkey (2007), Egypt (2008), the Black Sea (2009), Russia (2010), Georgia (2011), Serbia (2012), Armenia/West Georgia (2013), Aegean Turkey/Dodecanese Islands (2014), The Holy Land (2015), and Cyprus (2016), the society is now organizing its fourteenth excursion, this time to Northern Serbia (specifically the area of Fruška Gora near to the city of Novi Sad in the province of Vojvodina). The event will be for nine days (including travel) from Saturday 21 October till Sunday 29 October 2017. Team leader will be Metropolitan Kallistos. The maximum number of participants will be around 35 and the cost (excluding flights) for accommodation, meals, guides, and domestic transportation will be around £1650 (at current value of sterling).

In addition to their dense, deciduous forests, extensive pastures, fertile fields, copious vineyards, abundant orchards, and 200 species of bird life, the luxuriant valleys of the National Park of Fruška Gora are adorned with over seventeen magnificently painted post-medieval monasteries (dating from the 15th century). The monastic houses are also famous for their unique architecture, treasuries, libraries, frescoes and numerous archaeological finds. Mostly reconstructed in the 18th century, the monastic dwellings represent a unique cultural and historical entity and are often referred to as the ‘Serbian Holy Mountain’. One particularly interesting monastery goes by the name of Grgeteg, and in 2002, it became a home to a copy of the miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin with three hands. That icon was brought from Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mount and now represents the patron of Fruška Gora and its monasteries.

Our pilgrimage will combine visiting both ecclesiastical monuments and award-winning wine cellars.

FoMA members interested in participating in this event should contact Dimitri Conomos as soon as possible and send the reservation form to him at 5 Moreton Road, Oxford OX2 7AX. Cheques will no longer be made out to The Friends of Mt Athos for our pilgrimages; instead, we shall now be using a Tour Operator based in Germany. Shortly I shall be receiving details of the bank to which monies will be sent. For the moment, therefore, what is needed is the number of participants. With restricted places the selection will be made on a first-come basis. Please send the following details to Dimitri (note Passport names).

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    Please indicate here if you require vegetarian meals and/or a wheelchair at the airport.