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Pilgrimage to The Holy Land: 24 October - 1 November, 2015

Following the highly successful pilgrimages to France (2002), Greece (2004), Romania (2005), Finland (2006), Turkey (2007), Egypt (2008), the Black Sea (2009), Russia (2010), Georgia (2011), Serbia (2012), Armenia/West Georgia (2013), and Turkey & the Greek Islands (2014), the society is now organizing its twelfth excursion, this time to the Holy Land. The event will be for 12 days (including travel) from 24 October to 1 November 2014.

Our itinerary will take us to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bethany, Tiberias, Jericho, and Nazareth.

Holy Sites to be Visited in this Very Special Event:

  • Holy Sepulchre and Church of the Resurrection (service)
  • Mount of Olives: Monastery of St Mary Magdalene
  • Monastery of the Ascension (service)
  • Holy Cross Monastery
  • Tomb of the Mother of God
  • Mount Sion
  • The Cenacle: “Upper Room”
  • King David’s Tomb
  • Wailing Wall
  • Tomb of Lazarus
  • Church of the Nativity
  • Shepherd’s Field
  • Mar Saba Monastery
  • St Theodosius
  • Ein Karem (Gorni Convent)
  • Jerusalem Patriarchate
  • Wadi Kelt: St George of Hozevit Monastery
  • Monastery on the Mount of Temptation
  • St Gerasimus Monastery
  • Mount of Beatitudes
  • Capernaum
  • Monastery of the Twelve Apostles
  • Jordan River
  • Mount of Transfiguration (Mt Tabor)
  • St Elias Monastery
  • St George Monastery
  • Church of the Archangel Gabriel (Annunciation)

Team leader will be Metropolitan Kallistos. The maximum number of participants will be 35 and the cost (excluding flights to Tel Aviv) for accommodation, meals, guides, gratuities, donations, and domestic transportation will be around £1500

FoMA members interested in participating in this event should contact Dimitri Conomos as soon as possible and send the reservation form to him at 5 Moreton Road, Oxford OX2 7AX. It should be posted together with a deposit of £500 per person by 28 February 2015. Cheques should be made payable to the FRIENDS OF MT ATHOS PILGRIMAGE ACCOUNT. With restricted numbers of places the selection will be made on a first-come basis. The deposit is non-refundable.