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Pilgrimage to Serbia: Late August, 2012

Following the highly successful pilgrimages to France (2002), Greece (2004), Romania (2005), Finland (2006), Turkey (2007), Egypt (2008), the Black Sea (2009), Russia (2010), and Georgia (2011), the Friends of Mount Athos is now organizing its tenth excursion/pilgrimage: this time to Serbia. The event will be for nine days (including travel) at the end of August 2012 (dates to be confirmed).

Our itinerary will take us to old and new monasteries and churches in Belgrade and to the medieval monastic compounds and houses of Serbian Moravia (Ravanica, Lazarica, Ljubostinja, Kalenić), Raška (Studenica, Banjska, Gradac, Arilje, Mileševa, Sopoćani), Kosovo and Metohija (Peć, Dećani, Graćanica), Montenegro (St Basil of Ostrog), and western Serbia (Lelić and Ćelije). These magnificent edifices are unique in their architecture, sculptured ornamentation, frescoes, icons, and manuscripts; they constitute a significant part of Serbia's cultural, historical, and national wealth.

His Holiness Patriarch Irinej will receive the group in Belgrade.

Team leader will be Metropolitan Kallistos. The maximum number of participants will be fifty and the cost for the flight from London, accommodation, meals, guides, and domestic transportation will be very roughly £900.

FoMA members interested in participating should contact Dimitri Conomos.