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FoMA Christmas cards

Annual Announcement of FoMA Christmas Cards.

FoMA's Christmas Cards feature images from the monasteries of Mount Athos, or from icons or manuscripts often from Mount Athos, with one or more new cards being produced each year. The annual sale of Christmas cards is an important part of FoMA's efforts to raise funds that benefit the Holy Mountain.

On this page the printed announcement of this year's Christmas cards is displayed seasonally, followed by instructions for ordering cards.

Go directly to Christmas Card Order Form for payment by mail or payment by credit/debit card or PayPal

Here is the announcement of this year's Christmas Cards that has been mailed out to FoMA members.
Below the announcement you will find instructions for ordering cards, including placing orders on line.

Prices are in Euros except when preceded by symbols for GB Pounds or US Dollars

Printed Order Form


You are encouraged to order your cards from this web site using one of the following methods:

Alternatively, you may submit your order to Nicholas Fennell by post to the address in the above announcement using any of the following options:
  1. download our printable form and print it, fill it out and mail it
  2. print a copy of the online e-mail order form, fill it out and mail it
  3. simply write down the information there requested and mail it

All cards are supplied in packs of 10 with envelopes.
Please note: prices do not include postage and handling. Postage costs are specified in the order form.

Header Image: Vatopedi Under Snow (detail from FoMA Christmas Card for 2002).