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The Annual Reports
of the Friends of Mount Athos

The Friends of Mount Athos began publishing its now internationally acclaimed Annual Report in 1991. Each issue includes the following regular features:

  • The Society's Year
  • Report from the Mountain
  • Full-text publication and (for recent years) videos of presentations delivered at the FoMA Annual Meeting
  • Book Reviews (books pertaining to Mount Athos, relevant publications of members of FoMA, and books of interest to members of FoMA)
  • In addition, reports on current projects like the Footpaths Project, reports on FoMA-sponsored pilgrimages from the year, and occasional special features and articles, supplement the regular contents of the Annual Reports.

    FoMA Annual Reports

    The Annual Report is the earliest continuous publication of the Friends of Mount Athos. It was intended from its inception to be a publication for the membership of the Friends of Mount Athos, as reflected in its regular report on "The Society's Year," and is circulated annually to members, to the monasteries of Mount Athos, and to many of its sketes and cells. Its unique focus on Mount Athos, however, and features like its annual "Report from the Mountain" and other articles related to the Holy Mountain brought attention to this publication far beyond the membership of FoMA itself, with the result that FoMA began receiving membership subscriptions from the libraries of research institutions, University graduate programs and theological schools.

    Digitized FoMA Annual Reports

    As a result, FoMA now makes available to the general public the complete run of the AR in digitized form, thanks to a cooperative arrangement with The Graduate Theological Union's Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, Berkeley, California. The Friends of Mount Athos is pleased that the Hewlett Library produced digital copies of the entire run of the AR from its inception in 1991 and is continuing to digitize current issues. Digital copies of past issues may be accessed at no charge as soon as they are 5 years old, either from this page or from the Graduate Theological Union's digital archive.

    "The Society's Year" has been made available to the general public for all years since 2006, including the most recent five years.

    The list below provides a separate copy of the tables of contents to facilitate searching of the Annual Reports. Please note that the first three issues, 1991 - 1993, did not include tables of contents.

    1991 AR 1991
    1992 AR 1992
    1993 AR 1993
    1994 1994contents AR 1994
    1995 1995contents AR 1995
    1996 1996contents AR 1996
    1997 1997contents AR 1997
    1998 1998contents AR 1998
    1999 1999contents AR 1999
    2000 2000contents AR 2000
    2001 2001contents AR 2001
    2002 2002contents AR 2002
    2003 2003contents AR 2003
    2004 2004contents AR 2004
    2005 2005contents AR 2005
    2006 2006contents AR 2006
    2007 2007contents AR 2007
    2008 2008contents AR 2008
    2009 2009contents AR 2009
    2010 2010contents AR 2010
    2011 2011contents AR 2011
    2012 2012contents AR 2012
    2013 2013contents
    2014 2014contents
    2015 2015contents
    2016 2016contents

    Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
    Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.