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The Friends of Mount Athos has an active program of events and sponsored publications. In addition FoMA reviews books about or related to Mount Athos. Many members of FoMA are actively publishing as scholars and theologians, historians and Naturalists, artists and photographers. Some FoMA members are themselves monks, while others are well known writers who have published accounts of their pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain.

Publications Available Through FoMA Most of the volumes published by the Friends of Mount Athos are the proceedings of FoMA-sponsored conferences.

Pilgrim Maps of Mount Athos

The Friends of Mount Athos is very pleased to announce the publication of the Pilgrim Map of Mount Athos. The new map, available in several different languages, formats, scales and prices, was developed by FoMA member and cartographer, Peter Howorth, in collaboration with members of FoMA's Footpaths Project. No pilgrim should be without it, as it is the only map of the Holy Mountain that is professionally produced, based on GPS coordinates and NASA topographical information, and is being continually updated. We recommend using the map in combination with the individual footpath descriptions prepared and updated annually by FoMA's footpaths team, available in both Greek and English.

The FoMA Booklist: Mount Athos Reading

The FoMA Booklist includes books reviewed in the Annual Report of the Friends of Mount Athos as well as good reading as suggested by FoMA members. The book listings include information (when available) on where to find the books, plus links to our reviews.

Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.