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The Hilandar Appeal
Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales

The Friends of Mount Athos are raising funds for the relief and rebuilding of Hilandar Monastery following the catastrophic fire of March 4, 2004. Funds raised by the Friends of Mount Athos are contributed directly to the Monastery.

Image of the New Hilandar Bakery
The New Hilandar Bakery built with support from the Friends of Mount Athos

Phase One. The first phase of the Friends' Hilandar Appeal enabled the monks to build a new bakery for the Monastery (left), a source of both spiritual and material nourishment. It was initiated by a special fundraising event featuring an illustrated lecture by His Excellency Dr. Vladeta Jankovic, Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro (see announcement).

Phase Two. Our Bridgewater Event in May, 2008 inaugurated the second phase of FoMA's Hilandar Appeal, which was dedicated to refurbishing the library, fostering the intellectual pursuits for which Hilandar has always been renowned.

Phase Three. In the third phase of our Appeal, funds went to equipping a room for the conservation of icons and manuscripts of which Hilandar has an incomparable collection.

Phase Four. Phase four of FoMA's Hilandar Appeal was dedicated to funding emergency repairs to the belfry of the historic Bell Tower at Hilandar. Known as the Kamban Pirg, its ancient roof was in critical danger of collapse. Thanks to the generous support of FoMA members and contributors, the project was fully funded by late Summer, 2016, when repair to the tower had already commenced. More information on this project can be read in our illustrated report on The Condition of the Hilandar Bell Tower ("Technical Brief").

Phase Five. FoMA will soon be announcing here a new project or projects in the ongoing work of restoration at Hilandar following the disastrous 2004 fire, calling on our members, and inviting non members, as well, to help in the ongoing task of restoration. Please give as generously as you can, with the assurance that every pound, euro, or dollar you donate will go directly to the monastery for this specific purpose.

How to Contribute:
Contributors may follow instructions on the by an online contribution. Simply click the "Donate" button. Amounts are billed in the donor's currency; an exchange rate converter is available on online contribution page. Alternatively, you may simply contact the Friends of Mount Athos, or read on...

Donations to the Hilandar Appeal. Contributions to the Hilandar Appeal can be made by

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Early Reportage on the Fire -- coverage of HRH Prince Charles' support for FoMA Appeal
Artists Support FoMA's Hilandar Appeal

Two well known artists named Douglas, one a watercolorist, the other a photographer, are contributing the proceeds of their work sold through the Friends of Mount Athos.


Douglas Patterson watercolor of Hilandar before the fire of 2004
Douglas Patterson's Watercolors of
Hilandar Before the Fire

Doug Lyttle photo of St Andrew's Skete, 1974
Douglas Lyttle's newly released book,
Miracle on the Monastery Mountain

Doug Patterson, the well-known watercolorist and print maker from London, is known to FoMA members from recent exhibitions of his prints in England and because some have been shown at recent FoMA Annual General Meetings at Oxford. He has prepared a set of prints of a dozen original watercolors of Hilandar Before the Fire. These prints, 10 x 13.5 inches, are available either mounted or unmounted.

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The late Doug Lyttle, also a long-time member of the Friends and well known professional photographer, offered before his recent death to dedicate his personal income from all copies sold here of this spectacular photographic and narrational history of the the last quarter century on the Holy Mountain, Miracle on the Monastery Mountain. Doug exhibited photos from the book two years ago at the FoMA AGM.

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Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.