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FoMA Travel Tips and Advisories: Monastery Closures

FoMA provides travel tips and issues travel advisories from time to time based on incoming information. This information is often unconfirmed or unconfirmable, but is reported in this form for your convenience.

The Friends of Mount Athos - A Pilgrim's Guide to Mount Athos - Advisory: Athoniki Office

The Friends of Mount Athos has received reports regarding the monasteries listed below that they are currently receiving no pilgrims, or only limited numbers of pilgrims, or that, for other reasons indicated below, visiting is not advised (most recent listings at the top). These advisories have been provided by FoMA members or other pilgrims, or sometimes by the Monasteries themselves. Persons planning pilgrimages who are interested in visiting one of these monasteries are advised to contact the monasteries on this list directly to confirm the advisory. If you learn that a monastery listed below has resumed accepting pilgrims, we ask that you report the reopening to FoMA so that we may keep this list up to date.

In some special cases, the monasteries may make exceptions; for that reason, also, it is advisable to contact any monastery on this list directly if you have a special reason for your interest in staying there.

Date of Report Monastery Explanation
2018 Hilandar Currently unable to receive guests due to repair of the roof on the guesthouse.
2017 Esphigmenou Currently can accommodate only a limited number of pilgrims due to limited resources. Advance reservations not required.
2017 Xeropotamou Renovations
2017 Hilandar Accommodations are limited because of ongoing renovations following the fire of 2004; the monastery must give priority to its Serbian pilgrims.
2014 Dec 31 Simonopetra Renovation of the guesthouse and the katholikon
2013 Koutloumousi Renovations

Header Image: Detail from a pilgrimage souvenir print produced for Philotheou Monastery in 1849. The detail depicts the arrival of the "pious pilgrims" on horseback, with the monastery on the left and two monks waiting to greet the arriving pilgrims.
Photograph by Robert W. Alllison, © 2011.
The original print bears the following inscription (in Greek):
This bronzeplate print of the Holy Monastery of Philotheou on the Holy Mountain of Athos was printed at the personal expense of Nikolas Emmanouel Chionakes of Crete for the salvation of his soul and those of his parents and kin, and it was dedicated freely for pious pilgrims.
Printed in Moscow on 4 August, 1849.