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The Reinhold Zwerger Map of Mount Athos

About The Zwerger Map.
Before the release of the new Pilgrim Map, the map that offered the best publicly accessible mapping of the old footpaths of Mount Athos was the classic, pocket-sized map published in Austria by Reinhold Zwerger. This map remains a landmark in the history of the cartography of Mount Athos. Nevertheless, persons planning to hike extensively on the Holy Mountain should be aware that the scale of the map often makes it very difficult to work out which path or road is which. Moreover, many tracks, especially those in close proximity to the monasteries, do not appear on the map. To some extent, this is evident from roads on the map that end in arrows. The arrows mean that although Mr. Zwerger identified the route's existence, he did not map it, or mapped only part of it. Finally, the map has not been updated since 2001.

Persons interested in acquiring the Zwerger map for historical reasons may order the Zwerger map, while stocks last, from the estate of Reinhold Zwerger in (English or German).


Whatever the map that may be used, travellers on Mount Athos are encouraged to consult FoMA's individual footpath descriptions. These footpath descriptions and the associated GPS tracks are continuously updated by the FoMA Footpath Project and coordinated with the new Pilgrim Map. They may be accessed from FoMA's convenient chart, Mount Athos Footpaths: Conditions, Walking Times & Links to Descriptions . From the links in this chart you may view the detailed footpath descriptions, and download printable copies of the descriptions and GPX files to take with you on your pilgrimage.

Please note: the footpath descriptions are produced as PDFs, which are instantly viewed in the native browsers of most devices, tablets and cell phones as well as computers. If the native browser in your device does not work in this way, we recommend installing another browser that offers this functionality (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Header Image: Detail from a pilgrimage souvenir print produced for Philotheou Monastery in 1849. The detail depicts the arrival of the "pious pilgrims" on horseback, with the monastery on the left and two monks waiting to greet the arriving pilgrims.
Photograph by Robert W. Alllison, © 2011.
The original print bears the following inscription (in Greek):
This bronzeplate print of the Holy Monastery of Philotheou on the Holy Mountain of Athos was printed at the personal expense of Nikolas Emmanouel Chionakes of Crete for the salvation of his soul and those of his parents and kin, and it was dedicated freely for pious pilgrims.
Printed in Moscow on 4 August, 1849.