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Mt. Athos News -- Reportage on Current Events
General News of Mount Athos 2013

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Mount Athos Chronicle

The current civil governor of the Holy Mountain is
Aristos Kasmiroglou (Αρίστος Κασμίρογλου) (since April 26, 2010)
The Epistasia which took office in June 1, 2013 consists of:
Geron Stephanos of Hilandari Monastery, protepistatis) (Γέρων Στέφανος Ιερομ. Χιλανδαρινός, Πρωτεπιστάτης)
Hieromonk Pavlos of Xeropotamou Monastery, epistatis (Επιστάτης Γέρων Παύλος Ιερομ. Ξηροποταμινός)
Geron Nikodimos of St. Paul’s Monastery, epistatis (Επιστάτης Γέρων Νικόδημος Μον. Αγιοπαυλίτης)
Geron Paiisios of Grigoriou Monastery, epistatis (Επιστάτης Γέρων Παϊσιος Ιερομ. Γρηγοριάτης)

News Reports for 2013

November 27, 2013, blog report by Matushka Constantina, Lessons from a Monastery. learning from those wiser than the world. Elder Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia: Recognized as SAINT Porphyrios.
Announcement in Greek from the website of the Ecumenical Patriarchate;
Announcement in English from the website of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

November 11, 2013, In Serbia (source: Novosti). Hilandar To Be Visited By Women Soon?.
October 16, 2013, Maria Korologou, Greek Reporter. Patriarch Bartholomew Calls on Monks to Stay Away From Investments.
October 7, 2013, Vatopedi abbot, another 13 indicted, in controversial land swap.
September 5, 2013, Patrick Kingsley & Marwa Awad in Cairo, The Guardian. Mount Sinai monastery latest victim of Egypt's upheavals. Closure of St Catherine's monastery due to security concerns has devastated tourist trade of nearby town named after it.
August 12, 2013, Christina Flora, Greek Reporter. Temporary Truce On Mt. Athos.
July 31, 2013, Mystagogy. Weblog of John Sanidopoulos 20 Disturbing Facts About the Esphigmenou Occupation Issue.
July 29, 2013, Η Μονή Εσφιγμένου για την επίθεση με μολότοφ.
For English readers: English translation by the Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries:
July 29, 2013, John Riggs, Friends of Esphigmenou. Correcting the Record on the Attacks Today Against the Esphigmenou Monks.HIGMENOU MONKSATHENS, GREECE.
July 29, 2013, CBS/AP. Facing eviction, rogue Greek monks hurl petrol bombs at bailiffs.
July 17, 2013, Esphigmenou Monastery Press Release regarding eviction from Karyes Konaki.
May 14, 2013, The Monastery Zographou on Mount Athos celebrates its Patronal Feast.
May 13, 2013, Margarita Papantoniou, Greek Mount Athos Offers Food of the Gods.
May 12, 2013, Andy Dabilis, Greek Mt. Athos Monks Refuse To Be Taxed.
May 4, 2013, Greek Reporter Visitors Flock to Mount Athos.
Ierissos, April 18, 2013, Monks of Athos Oppose Gold-mining in the Vicinity of the Holy Mountain.
April 17, 2013, Margarita Papantoniou, Greek Mt. Athos Leaders Talk Taxes With Samaras.
April 16, 2013, Halkidiki gold mine protesters lift roadblocks.
Road transport in the broader region of Mount Athos, Halkidiki, was largely restored on Monday. . . .

January 1, 2013, Patriarch Kirill will make pilgrimage to Mt. Athos and visit Estonia in 2013.

Header Image: View of the Holy Mountain from a balcony at Stavronikita Monastery, with elements of the katholikon in the foreground.
Photograph by Robert W. Allison, © 2008.