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Mt. Athos News -- Reportage on Current Events

FoMA's Athos News pages provide links to reportage of current news events involving Mt. Athos. Occasionally they may also provide translations of reportage in languages other than English, or links to translations.
The Friends of Mount Athos takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the reportage here listed; opinions expressed in this reportage do not represent the views of FoMA or its officers and executive board. (Please see disclaimers)

Here you will find links to reportage accessible on the Internet of events currently happening on the Holy Mountain.

For the most part, only news reportage is here listed; FoMA makes no systematic effort to keep up with reportage or "chatter" appearing in blogs, the social media, and private websites.

FoMA members are invited to contribute links to Athos news articles for inclusion on these pages.

Current and upcoming FoMA events are separately listed on our Events page.


Mount Athos Chronicle

The current civil governor of the Holy Mountain is
Aristos Kasmiroglou (Αρίστος Κασμίρογλου) (since April 26, 2010)
2016-2017 is the year of the second tetrad for the Epistasia. The members of the Epistasia for 2016-2017, who took office on June 14, 2016, are:
Geron Barnabas of Vatopedi Monastery, protepistatis (ο Γέροντας Βαρνάβας Βατοπαιδινός)
Hieromonk Philotheos of Koutloumousi Monastery (Γέροντα ιερομόναχος Φιλόθεος Κουτλουμουσιανός)
Hieromonk Joseph of Karakalou Monastery (Ιερομόναχος Ιωσήφ Καρακαλληνός)
Hieromonk Philemon of Stavronikita Monastery (Ιερομόναχος Φιλήμων Σταυρονικητιανός)

News Reports for 2016

Moscow, January 25, 2017, Pravoslavie RU Massive influx of pilgrims is problem for Mt. Athos—abbot of Simonopetra
The massive flow of pilgrims has become a serious problem for the inhabitants of Mt. Athos, says Archimandrite Elisha, abbot of the mountain’s Simonopetra Monastery....
Thessaloniki, January 28, 2017, Costas Kantouris, Associated Press MONK, ABBOT OF REBEL GREEK MONASTERY SENTENCED TO 20 YEARS
A monk and the abbot of a Mt. Athos monastery deemed schismatic by the Greek Orthodox church have been sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison by a court in this northern Greek city.....
Ongoing news articles for the current year will be reported here as they come to our attention.

Current Announcements
The Friends of Mount Athos issues announcements on significant Athonite matters such as changes and developments in administrative and spiritual leadership on the Holy Mountain as they come to our attention.

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